Achieve a Competitive Edge

Adapt’s intelligence platform empowers you to make informed decisions, gain a competitive edge, and remain ahead in your industry – with confidence and the click of a button.

Adapt and Thrive

Adapt's application integrates seamlessly into communication tools you already use, like Teams and Slack.
Even better, it distills and optimizes information your employees learn every day to:

Uncover unique insights using our AI technology.

Generate automated reports that uncover potential threats and market opportunities.

Stay ahead of market trends and real-time developments.

Don't worry about losing vital data in emails, chat messages, or uncaptured conversations, and never miss an opportunity to understand and outpace your competitors.

Know Better, Do Better

Adapt’s solution makes you smarter than your competitors for a more reasonable price than any software solution on the market.
We combine your proprietary insight with public information (available on the internet) to help you dominate your industry.

Our Difference

Adapt’s platform is based on processes and technology resulting from decades of work in the U.S. Intelligence Community and software solutions industry.
We help you clarify the proprietary insights you need — without relying on public data anyone can purchase.

Don’t accept information as ‘intelligence’ that won’t differentiate your offerings or actions.

Adapt and win.

Achieve more with Adapt


Enhance value by discerning how your product or service solves customer problems, and leverage what makes you better to beat your competitors.

Sales Teams

Equip your sales team with information that will prepare them to overcome objections and offer advantages confidently.

Decision Making Support

Empower C-suite leaders to make vital choices by providing them bespoke, relevant, and timely industry intelligence — enabling strategic wins when it matters most.

How it Works


First Adapt works to define your company’s challenges, opportunities, and goals.

  • What makes your product or service distinct?

  • What is the root cause of competitive problems you face?

  • Which business challenges keep you up at night?

The discovery process sets the stage for determining when, where, and how we approach data collection by defining the intelligence questions guiding your approach.

Collect, Document and Disseminate Intelligence

Adapt assists you in identifying existing staff who can gather and document intelligence that addresses your questions. Your employees understand your value, clients, and competitors better than anyone, making them ideal candidates to serve as trusted intel collectors.

The resulting data prioritizes customer experience, competitive positioning, and any other factors that propel you forward. The collected data is synthesized into concise and actionable reports for your staff, managers, and executives via Adapt's seamless AI synthesis tool – giving you what you need when you need it with the click of a button.

Adapt’s enables smarter business decisions — at all levels.

Rinse and Repeat

Our dynamic tools ensure your awareness at every step. We keep you alert, influential and effective — regardless of how rapidly you ascend in the market.

Our Commitment to You

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge 

Maintaining a competitive edge in the market means outperforming your rivals in terms of quality, speed, and productivity. With Adapt's proprietary technology and intelligence process, you gain a distinct advantage. Secure business, stay ahead of the competition, and take command of your markets.

Reveal Undiscovered Insights 

Help employees to learn from customers, external stakeholders and each other by equipping them with tools and techniques to reveal privileged insights — one interaction at a time.

Infuse Intention into All Decisions 

The power of intentionality can make all the difference between success and failure. Empower staff to have a precise understanding of ongoing developments and the enterprise's requirements for success at every given moment.

Adapt’s Technology


Like Bond, you should never walk into a room without the indispensable intelligence technology you need.

Enter AdaptQ, your secret edge.

AdaptQ is our mobile application. It enables you to record, share and look-up intel as soon as you and your colluegues learn it via a peer-to-peer (P2P) intelligence collection. Never worry about being ‘in the dark,’ about what is really happening. We aggregate and automate putting you ‘in the know’ about what matters.



AdaptEdge is the SaaS nerve center of Adapt's digital solution. All P2P intelligence from mobile applications integrates into AdaptEdge for automated processing with internet-based information, analysis, and distribution.


Competitive intelligence empowers you to monitor and predict the plans, intentions, and activities of your stakeholders, competitors, and industry. It is a systematic process to transform pieces of information into real, actionable knowledge. The result: you make decisions and meet challenges smartly, quickly and with confidence.

Adapt Intelligence is an exclusive competitive intelligence solution based on decades of experience in the intelligence community and software solution industry. It combines proprietary insights learned by your employees and public information gathered from the internet (versus only public information as offered by our competitors). The result? Powerful, high-quality analysis that arms executives to act and enhances revenue opportunities for sales, product, and marketing teams. ​

In return for using Adapt’s application a few minutes a day you can stay updated on product feedback, company activity, and what your competition is up to -- without expending months of time or resources.

Yes. Adapt’s technology and P2P intelligence process will reveal undiscovered revenue opportunities.

Everyone in your enterprise. Adapt's technology and P2P intelligence process optimize awareness at every level. Although it is best positioned to inform executives about critical issues quickly, it helps each employee receive information and do their best work – at the speed of business.

Always, Adapt helps you to monitor and predict the plans and intentions of key players within your industry. This gives you the time and capacity to strategize effectively to: Collect intelligence on your competitors, customers, suppliers, partners, and vendors. This bolsters your ability to prepare for and respond to business threats. Measure, anticipate and respond to customer feedback in highly competitive environments.

Our tried and tested intelligence process leverages “voice of the customer” and other first-hand insights to drive decisions. This helps you keep and create customers by providing exactly what they want, when they want it - quicker than the rest.

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