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At its core, competitive intelligence is an analytical function that serves to monitor and predict the plans, intentions, and activities of your external stakeholders, your market, and your industry. CI is a formal, systematic process used to transform bits and pieces of information into strategic and tactical knowledge to help you make critical decisions and meet business challenges head-on. It is the process of scrutinizing anything that helps your company beat its competition.

Our processes and technology help you identify previously undiscovered revenue opportunities by leveraging an efficient intelligence collection program tailored to meet business objectives. Adapt's competitive intelligence process focuses on identifying cross-selling opportunities, white space, and new market opportunities.

Adapt's competitive intelligence technology is geared to help managers make critical business decisions in an efficient way. As a manager, you are faced with vital decisions on a daily basis. Adapt technology provides relevant, timely, and actionable data to support your business decisions. Data does not become actionable intelligence until it is aggregated, analyzed, and effectively presented. C-suite officers, as well as product, marketing, sales, customer service and business development managers benefit from vital, accurate, and focued intelligence to help support decision making activities.

Our technology enables you to monitor and predict the plans and intentions of the key players within your industry to stay ahead of competitive forces.
  • Collecting relevant intelligence on your competitors, customers, suppliers, partners, and vendors enables timely and accurate predictive analysis and bolsters your ability to prepare and respond to business threats.
  • It allows you to better anticipate rapidly changing customer needs in an evolving competitive environment.

Our proprietary intelligence cycle process leverages “voice of the customer” insight to drive business decisions. We formalize the process of collecting and actioning intelligence obtained from your most important external stakeholders – your clients!

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